Tailored financial advice

Financial planning is much more than recommending great investments

It’s about working out what is truly important to you and putting in place a plan to make it happen

It’s personal, it’s educational, it’s ongoing and like most good things in life, it takes some effort.

We understand that clients have differing needs. Some have a single pressing issue that has been worrying them, others have a general feeling that they could be doing better, some are time poor, and others lack experience or confidence, while many have been putting off doing something because they haven’t been able to find someone they feel they can trust.

We believe that a financial plan should have a positive effect not only on your bank balance but more importantly on the life that you live.

Our specialties

Intergenerational wealth transfer

Building your superannuation

Wealth creation

Managing debt

Budgeting and cash flow


Preparing for retirement

Self Managed Super Funds

Estate Planning

Aged Care

Small business advice

Insurance and Protection

Our process

1. Discovery meeting

Our process begins with a 1 hour discovery meeting. Prior to this meeting you are required to complete and return an About You Questionnaire. During the meeting we will discuss your circumstances and goals and explore how our services may assist you in achieving your goals. We will outline the cost of any advice & services to be provided. At the end of the meeting you should be in a position to assess whether to engage our services and request a formal Letter of Engagement.

1. Discovery meeting

2. Strategy meeting

Once the Letter of Engagement has been signed and returned, we will request further information from you and clarify your objectives. We will schedule a strategy meeting (about 90 minutes) with you before finalising the strategy and writing up our recommendations.

2. Strategy meeting

3. Advice Presentation Meeting

We will then meet to present our recommendations to you (about 90 minutes) and upon acceptance by you we will move to implement the recommendations.

3. Advice Presentation Meeting

4. Review

Once implementation is complete we will hold our first review meeting, which will be used to re-cap what we have achieved so far and all the changes that have taken place. Review meetings are scheduled annually but of course we are always available to discuss any queries or concerns you have.

4. Review