Our clients

Fenwicke Financial helps an array of clients with their personal financial planning.

Take control of your finances

Our ideal client is someone who is motivated to take control of their finances and engage in a discussion about their financial position.

Our team works closely with every client to ensure we are continually taking into account any changes in your situation or needs so that your plan is always working for you.

We don’t expect all of our clients to come from financial backgrounds, so we ensure that all our planning is thoroughly explained and transparent to you. We understand that people’s lives are always changing and we aim to be a source of confidence and security in this shifting, fast-paced world, to restore balance to the lives of our clients. Every client has a different ideal of ‘success’, and by working together throughout our processes, meetings and reviews, we aim to be successful in achieving all of our clients different goals and creating the lifestyle they desire.

Typically our clients have some of the following attributes

Intergenerational Wealth

Have received or are expecting to receive a large inheritance. Not familiar with the responsibility for a large pool of investment assets.

  • “This is a life-transforming legacy and I want to make sure I manage and invest it wisely."
  • “How do I make sure my wealth goes to my loved ones in a tax-effective manner and that it is protected in the event of marriage breakdown or insolvency.”
  • “I would like to distribute some wealth before I die to see the joy it brings my family."

Senior managers and executives

Enjoying a successful career as an executive, typically in their 40’s and 50’s. Are career oriented, very busy and may travel a lot – income rich and time poor.

  • “I am doing well at work but we never seem to get ahead. There’s a constant supply of bills…”
  • “If I wasn’t working I am not sure how we would survive. Can I really afford to get sick or lose my job?”
  • “I know I should do more with our finances, but what? Property? Shares? Super?”

Professionals and consultants

Could be a lawyer, accountant, architect or medical specialist. Usually very busy juggling their business and family life.

  • “I’ve gotten off to a good start with the business, but my personal finances are a mess!”
  • “It’s the tax – I can’t believe how much I pay away in tax. There must be something I can do…”
  • “I’m working hard and we are doing well, but I know we could be doing better. But where’s the time?”

Successful people enjoying their retirement

Successfully retired (so typically aged 60+ years) and enjoying the fruits of their life’s work. Enjoyed a great career and have enough money to do the things they want to do – travel, help family, charity etc.

  • “We are fine now but are not really sure how long our money will last.”
  • “We’d rather spend our time enjoying ourselves now – we need someone else to manage our investments.”

Small to medium business owners

Successful, driven individuals who enjoy their business and don’t answer to anyone. Typically operating for 5+ years and growing over time (staff, locations, clients).

  • “We’ve never been busier and, to be honest, we’re struggling to come to grips with the growth in the business.”
  • “I can’t afford to get sick or take holidays.”
  • “I’m really not sure what the business is worth and I bet we have a huge tax bill if we did sell.”

Is talking about retirement

Are over 50 years of age and wanting to enjoy life, not manage finances. May be talking about working part-time, joining a board or working in the not for profit sector.

  • “I’d like to start winding back on work or perhaps working part-time if I can afford to.”
  • “I hope I don’t have to cut back in retirement too much. I still want to enjoy life!”
  • “I’m not sure when I will be able to retire. I really don’t know how much we need.”

Elderly parents requiring health or lifestyle help

Parents in their 70’s or older who may be on their own or struggling to be as active as before. May be living in a retirement village or thinking about downsizing from their “family home”.

  • “Our folks are struggling with the upkeep of their home”
  • “We’re really confused and worried about retirement accommodation bonds and costs”
  • “Mum had a bad fall and just isn’t recovering like she used to. But I don’t know what help we can access for her”


Who else could benefit from our services?

  • Fenwicke Financial helps many friends, family and work colleagues of existing clients with their personal financial planning.
  • In fact, our growth comes almost exclusively from referrals. What better way for someone to find their adviser than via a referral from a trusted friend.
  • Please get in touch if you would like to refer someone to us.