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Welcome to Fenwicke Financial

Fenwicke Financial forms deep and enduring relationships with clients, working with them to take control of their financial affairs, to reduce sources of financial stress, and to increase their sense of financial security and prosperity.

Fenwicke Financial is a professional financial planning firm based in North Sydney. We help clients take control of their financial affairs so that they can live life with the balance they desire. For us, success is about the size of your life, not just the size of your wallet.


Helping you to take control to achieve balance and success


We will help you to organise your financial affairs, expand your financial knowledge and investment acumen and convert your goals and dreams into a financial plan to put you in control of your financial destiny.


Balance is the key to happiness. In lots of areas of life achieving balance is simply about good decision making, like buying a healthy lunch. In other areas money is needed, like saving a little each week for a holiday. We work with you to identify where balance is needed and help you put in place a plan.


Success is personal. At Fenwicke Financial success is about the size of your life, not just the size of your wallet. We work with clients to help identify what success in life is and put in place a plan for achieving this success.

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Tailored advice

Financial planning is much more than recommending good investments – it’s about truly working out what is important to you and putting in place a plan to make it happen. It’s personal, it’s educational, it’s ongoing and like most good things in life, it takes some effort.

Hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

Dale Druckman

Jim single-handedly has radically impacted my view of the financial planning industry. Upfront he is clear about the methods he use, about his views on risk diversification and about his determination to create a strategy and stick to it. He listens carefully and is able to bring clarity to his client’s jumbled thinking, rationally dealing with suggestions, and in an inclusive manner coming to mutually agreed goals. He is focused on the long term, while at the same time making provision for major cash inflow or outflow requirements.

Michael Sharp

Jim provides excellent advice that is tailored to your actual circumstances. He takes the time to determine what your needs are and to identify important issues and opportunities you may not have considered (but you need to). He is proactive and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Nellie Dawes

I must admit my share portfolio was a mess. I found Jim’s advice invaluable. He was instrumental in helping me understand that a good portfolio covers a diverse group of shares and some cash in case of emergencies or for good buying opportunities. I am now much more confident and understand my options and my portfolio much more fully.

Robin Freedman and Lori Flekser

Jim’s approach to our financial situation was extremely thorough and left us feeling confident and in safe hands. He created easy accessibility to our portfolio, allowing an up-to-date snapshot of our finances online. Also, regular contact from Jim helps us to tweak our investments in response to the moving markets. While no one can predict the future, we are very comfortable with the current situation.


Jim brought all of our financial matters into order, so now we can easily see where we stand. He’s also got a good understanding of our risk profile and financial goals. I’m confident in Jim’s advice, because he explains clearly why it makes sense in the broad scheme of our current position and future goals.

Wayne Spice

Jim was very pro-active in helping Fiona and I step back and look at the bigger picture of our finances and where we wanted to head with our investments. We now have a much clearer understanding of what we need to focus on to reach our family goals. In addition, it is very comforting to know that if the worst happened we have comprehensive contingencies in place and a trusted adviser who does and would continue to look after our families best interests.

Brad & Danah Pillinger

Jim is a smart, honest, straight forward advisor who is completely trustworthy and insightful to individual circumstance. We have found his advice to be complete, accurate and optimal in our investments. He treats our money as his own. Nobody is more trustworthy and diligent and we would recommend him to anyone wanting the most from their investment dollar.

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